Fire equipment should be kept at home
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The high-tech zone fire brigade is training fire safety knowledge for Yintai city and surrounding communities.

During the winter, residents use fire, electricity and gas to increase in large quantities, and when they are heating and lighting, there is no need for necessary safety precautions to cause fire. In recent years, there have been countless tragedies in residential fires across the country. On June 25, 2015, a large fire broke out in the distribution box of the distribution box of the residential building in jinshui district of zhengzhou city, henan province, and a huge fire broke out in the inside of the building. The accident resulted in 13 deaths and four injuries. In the early hours of April 5 this year, a fire broke out in a residential building in the second village of mt. Laoshan in pudong, Shanghai.

According to the 2015 fire situation data analysis report released by the fire department of the ministry of public security, a total of 338 thousand fires occurred nationwide in 2015, resulting in 1,742 deaths. Among them, the total number of residential fires was 110,000, resulting in 1,213 deaths.

, according to firefighters in the use of electrical appliances often because people left and did not shut down the power supply, causing electrical work long hours and fire accident, these fires in household electrical fire is rather rare. Add in the adornment material of contemporary family interior decorates to use most is combustible material, when occurrence fire situation easy to be ignited, accelerate the spread of fire.

In addition, electric cars charged in the night can often cause fires. If the battery of electric bicycle inferior quality or use for a long time, the charger or battery temperature is too high, easily plus electric shell is plastic, more will produce large amounts of toxic gas in the combustion process and make the person poisoning lose disposal of fire and the ability to escape.

To this end, fire department advises: shut off power source and gas source when nobody is in the home. When using liquid gas, you can't use fire, hot water and steam to blow liquefied petroleum gas cylinders. A room heated by a fire cannot be used at the same time. Electric cars to avoid sleep at night long time charging, charging must not be in the narrow, sealed environment, should be in heat dissipation good place, can be equipped with short circuit and earth leakage protection devices. When charging, must stay away from flammable goods, should check regularly, prevent electrical aging or the line overload operation, lest produce electric wire short circuit.

In addition, the family is advised to be equipped with the following types of fire equipment: dry powder extinguishers, which can be used to extinguish solid fire, oil fire, gas fire and electric fire in daily life. It is recommended that residents of high-rise residential buildings purchase safety ropes or ambler to escape the fire timely. A bright bright flashlight that can light up a long visual range during a night fire and can also be used as a tool for distress. Smoke masks can protect against toxic fumes in your escape.

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