Dongying zhongyuan fire fighting safety equipment co., LTD was established in 2005 to the steel structure construction and fire extinguishers fire retardant coating repair and sales of enterprises, sales, maintenance, all kinds of other fire fighting equipment at the same time. Existing staff of 21 people, has a team of construction, the construction team, contract projects in almost every unit, dongying and oil field is currently in the city, most oil fields within the scope of the steel structure fire retardant coatings engineering contracting company.

Cosco fire on behalf of the project are mainly agricultural high-tech development zone, the exhibition hall of 15000 square meters in shandong province ", "shandong HaiHua group fire retardant coating chemical industry plant construction project", "China wanda half steel radial tire a production workshop, construction area of 110000 square meters; wanda cable production workshop, 40 meters, construction area of 1, 80000 square meters; shandong zhongkai wind power co., LTD. One, two, three phase of the production workshop, construction area of 90000 square meters; shengli oilfield downhole operation company elderly activity center, 1, 30000 square meters of construction area."

In the process of operation, my unit will always put the product quality and good social reputation in the first place, the company promises will never terminate his/her leave, counterfeits all fire equipment, fire equipment sales are through the national fire equipment quality supervision and test center testing qualified products.

Cosco fire has always adhere to customer first, quality assurance, credibility first, price reasonable service tenet, orderly product management, high-quality service team, good corporate image, warm and thoughtful service for the enterprise security escort.

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