Fire-fighting equipment to enhance fire-fighting capability
2017-06-23 14:46:26 368 Views

The fire brigade sent a batch of fire fighting equipment to the four poor villages in suibin town to improve the construction of fire fighting facilities in rural areas and enhance the ability of fire fighting and rescue in the countryside.

It is understood that victory, democracy, jili and chun-chun are poor villages in suibin, where the fire protection infrastructure is weak and the fire-fighting facilities are not complete. Shore after knowing the situation, suijiang county fire brigade bought four laptop motor fire pump and hose, gun fire equipment such as presented to the four village, used to improve and strengthen the construction of the four village of fire control facilities. Inhibitor, director of the village committee democratic Yu Lianjiang said: "the fire brigade to provide portable pumps, more convenient to carry, to fire at the same time saves and the out of the play a large role, on behalf of our village thanked the fire brigade." County fire brigade officers and soldiers also for these four village, head of the fire on the use of portable mobile fire pump method and the matters needing attention, for fire equipment rapidly generated forces involved in fire fighting and rescue work to lay the foundation. It has greatly improved the ability of the villages to eliminate fire, which is a good guarantee for the safety of the village.

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