Fire alarm system detection of fire detection of building fire detection
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1. Data preparation

In order to make the testing work smoothly, the entrusted unit shall provide the following information and assistance:

Certificate of capital;

Engineering completion drawings;

Review of construction fire engineering review;

Design change notice;

The technician of the fire fighting installation engineering company and the head of the construction unit shall cooperate with the inspection.

2. On-site fire fighting

Power supply detection:

The power supply grade shall meet the requirements;

The appearance of the distribution cabinet shall be complete, and its model and specifications shall conform to the design requirements;

Check and record whether the power supply circuit meets the technical requirements. ;

Whether fire power supply is a special circuit;

The main standby power supply of the terminal distribution box is conducted manually, automatic switching test and record switching.

In the place of the main standby power supply: fire control room, fire elevator machine room, smoke prevention equipment room, fire emergency lighting distribution box, fire control distribution box, fire water pump room;

One kind of high-rise building self-equipped generating equipment: it should have automatic start device and power supply in 30s. Second class high-rise building equipment: manual start device can be used when automatic start-up is difficult. Check the starting operation of the power generation equipment and record the starting time.

3. Automatic alarm system and linkage detection:

Fire alarm controller is the heart of automatic fire alarm system.

 1. Send and return air duct, should set fire damper in the wall. It is strictly prohibited to pass through the electrical wiring and pipeline.

2. The control room shall have emergency lighting and outside phone.

3. The control center alarm system should set fire emergency broadcast, and centralized alarm system should set fire emergency broadcast.

4. There is a marked sign at the entrance of the control room and the door should be opened to the evacuation direction.

5. The fire control room shall not be equipped with strong electromagnetic interference and other equipment rooms that affect the work of fire control equipment.

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